A long time ago, in a city far, far away

Well, it wasn't actually that long ago — picture it: Perth, Western Australia 2000. Three guys, three dreams, too much coffee.

Myles Eftos, David Petale and Andrew Baker are sitting over looking the city of Perth from Kings Park drinking luke-warm coffee from a thermos. These three boys who had been friends from school had always been a creative bunch, and it wasn't long before the nights brain-storming had come to a climax.

“I say we sell balloons”, says Andrew
“What are you talking about?!?”, asks Myles, looking at Andrew in his standard ‘What are you talking about?!?’ way.
“To make some extra cash. We can sell balloons.”, replies Andrew.
“Yeah! And we can write rude words on them!”, says David.
“Um, no — but how about we start a business? We could do creative stuff, and get paid for it!

The boys think this is a brilliant idea — coupled with their own individual talents, they could do something really great and fun! And this is how MadPilot was born*

Things have changed here at MadPilot since those early days, Dave is now an ABC reporter, Andrew a lawyer, Myles... actually Myles still runs MadPilot.

Myles Eftos

Myles is a UWA Computer Science graduate. He has been playing with (read: breaking) computers from a young age. Luckily, he wasn't too bad at fixing them either. He has a passion for programming and a love of design, so the web was an obvious choice for him — although sometimes he wishes he took up something simpler, like brain surgery.

He is currenly the events co-ordinator for AWIA. Read his Blog.

The ring-ins

MadPilot Productions is a special type of web studio. Although Myles is the only employee, there are a number of other freelance firms that MadPilot uses — and our sum is greater than our parts.

Adrianne Barba — Bird Studios

Adrianne is the owner of Bird Studios. Designer, copywriter, photographer, illustrator, cheque signer, chef and day-to-day studio runner. She has strong roots in production and visual communications having had successful tenures as studio manager of a boutique design practice, national design and production management for a large funds manager and several design and PR positions in both WA and the eastern seaboard.

Angela Bonfato — Angela Bonfato Creative

Angela Bonfato Creative is a talented graphic and interactive design studio that focuses on developing compelling visual communication that achieve positive business outcomes.

Grant Bissett — Speak Interactive

Speak is a tiny new design business. They use simple processes to help you build better websites. It's easy to work with Speak. They're fluent in English, Designer, Geek, and Marketeer.

Alex Pooley — Brown Beagle Software

Alex loves cutting Ruby and developing web applications. He's contributed patches to Ruby On Rails, Hpricot, and has worked for, as well as worked in, various companies for over 5 years. At Brown Beagle, Alex is the client/developer liaison, as well as a developer. He drinks too much coffee, and owns a Beagle called Oscar.

* Note this isn't really how it happened, yes we were at Kings Park, yes there was coffee — no there was no talk of balloons.